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This site provides information on current projects and access to project files for staff, clients and colleagues. We also provide downloads of reports of interest to the space community.

A recent success is the award of a contract to our company in Ireland to provide technical support for the management of ECMWF's Essential Climate Variable (ECV) contracts.

Many of our Earth Observation activities support the measurement of ECVs such as:

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) is an "Essential Climate Variable". Click on the image to find out how it is measured accurately from space.

Space ConneXions also maintains the websites on the four ATSR sensors, and the International SST FRM Radiometer Network (ISFRN).

Please contact us if you would like further information on any of our activities, including any of our activities in the community.
Our Services
Space ConneXions Limited is a science and engineering consultancy, with offices in the UK and Ireland, which provides management and technical support in the space market.

Our skills and experience include management of Earth observation exploitation projects, specification of space data protocols and technical support to companies operating in space and ground segments.

Over the years, our staff have built up an extensive range of contacts in the global space business and a comprehensive set of skills that deliver a reliable and professional service of the highest standard to clients.

For those wishing to know more about our business, this website provides a summary of our skills and examples of the projects that we are working on.