Report on Sea Surface Temperature Data Continuity (2007)

This technical report addresses options for tying together the SST measurements from AATSR (on Envisat) to SLSTR (on Sentinel-3) in the event that there is a gap between the end of the AATSR mission and the start of the SLSTR mission. The report examines the use of data from other spaceborne instruments and, in particular, the use of validation data from in situ and shipborne radiometers that span the two missions.

The main report is in the first download whilst Appendix D provides more detailed comparisons between AATSR and other instruments.

ICP2 - SST Data Continuity Project Report (Issue 1) (10 Mb)

ICP2 - SST Data Continuity Project Report (Appendix D) (46 MB)

The ICP2 SST Data Continuity Project Team may access the project documents here.